London is always a good idea

This post is different, It’s not about fashion or beauty. Is about my last travel… In London!!!

I went to London with some friends. We stay there for five days. Five amazing days!!!

First Day:

We arrived in London at 12.00 am.  At the afernoon we went to Picadilly Circus, Chinatown, M&M’s  world… We were very tired but the day was fantastic!

IMG_6708[1] IMG_6686[1]

Second day:

Probably, this was the day that we went to more places. The first place that we visit was Buckhingham Palace. The Palace is so beautiful!  Then we went to St. James’s Park. There we enjoyed watching the squirrels! After St.James’s Park we went to Downing Street and Westminster Abbey. Near Westminster Abbey there is Westminster Palace and the famous Big Ben. Then we went to London Eye… It’s so big! We went to lunch to a Fish and Chips restaurant. The food was delicious! At the afternoon we went to Camden Town. I have to say that Camden was my favorite place! It’s an amazing place! It’s full of vintage markets and people playing live music. It’s really cool!!!IMG_6754[1]




Third day:

This one was the only day that rained. For this reason we went to museums. The first museum that we visit was the Museum of natural History and other one was the Museum of Science. After this, we went to Harrods. In the evening we went to the Square Trafalgar and the National Gallery. There, we saw Sunflowers and other famous pictures.





Fourth day:

The first place that we visit was Tower of London. It was very exciting to be at the same place where Henry VIII was.  After, we went to to Tower Bridge. We went to lunch to Green Market. The food in this place was delicious. I eat a burguer with cheese and a delicious sauce. In the evening, we went to the British Museum.

IMG_6997[1]IMG_7011[1]IMG_7052[1]Fifth day:

This was our last day in London. We went to Hyde Park. Hyde Park is so beautiful and it’s very big. It’s full of trees, flowers, fountains like the Memorial to the Princess Diana, lakes… Then, we went to Oxford Street and to the Victoria’s Secret shop! There I bought a lot of things!  After this, we went to the airport to catch the plane.


IMG_7101[1] IMG_7103[1]


Our trip to London was amazing, extraordinary and fantastic!!!


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